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Pact Act Vape Mail - Shipping Announcement

You may have received news in regards to the upcoming PACT Act and vape mail restrictions, especially in regards to USPS and UPS. We would like to add some clarity on how this may affect the vape shipments moving forward.

Suorin Vape is dedicated and committed to serving the vaping community and will continue to operate to serve our customers in the best way. Our team will be working with specialist carriers to build an extensive network of regional and local carriers for shipping deliveries, while adhering to compliance with State and Federal laws but till then we are using USPS as the shipping carrier.

What is the PACT Act?

In December 2020, a congressional amendment to the PACT Act was signed into the law as part of the omnibus spending bill. The new law classifies vaping products as combustible cigarettes and places them under old laws to ensure that sales and taxation are addressed properly. This law is referred to as the PACT Act.

The United States Postal Service has between now and April 27, 2021, to create its ruling for restricting vape mail. Once USPS has announced its ruling, it will no longer ship vaping products. At the very latest, this will be April 27.

Starting March 27, 2021 the PACT will require online retailers to collect state and local excise taxes on vaping products and require Adult Signature on all deliveries nationwide. Other compliance requirements includes labeling and packaging, record-keeping, and State and Federal registration and reporting.

Furthermore, USPS will be prohibited from accepting packages of vapor products. 

What’s Next

Our team is working on building a new delivery network, initially to be available for customers in certain regions of the U.S. The option will be soon shown at checkout and more details will be provided once it is activated.

In the meantime, we recommend customers to stock up on vaping gears and E-Liquids to ensure adequate inventory reserve while shipping operations are still normal to save on shipping costs.

Moving forward, all packages will require Adult Signature (21+) upon delivery and will include a $7 Fee at checkout. You can read more about the service here:

Why Does My Order Require An Adult Signature?

We strive to continue serving customers in the vaping community, maintaining high levels of customer service and product offerings. Thank you for your continued support for years to come!